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vineri, 29 iunie 2007


Afara ploua ne-ncetat
Si picuri mici pe geam se scurg,
Iar orizontul e patat
De nouri negrii in amurg.

Stau singur langa geam si plang
Si noaptea ma-nconjoara
Cu picuri mici si reci si goi.
E-atat de frig afara...

Cu ea in ochi in suflet si in gand,
Cu ea in lacrimi, vis si razbunare,
As vrea sa intru-noapte si sa cer
La soarta indurare.

As vrea sa fii iar langa mine,
Sa te mai strang in brate,
Sa pot sa-ti fac luna cadou,
Sperand ca iti va place.

Mi-e dor de verile de aur,
De florile ce le-atarnam in parul tau,
De fragedele tale buze
Ce asteptau sarutul meu.


1 Comentário:

ReaMiky spunea...

Poate ca n-a fost sa fie si o sa va regasiti in alta parte..

Too perfect…

Now it’s late, and eyes appear above,

Shall the love they watch never will go off…

Looks that cross, and hearts that beat together,

They drown in love, their bodies weigh a feather…

If God would only breathe or pale wind arise

The feather flew away…Eachother kissed his lover’s eyes…

Their bodies are apart, but souls shall stay together

No matter what comes up, until a day that’s never…

“ I was a fish on the bottom of a lonely sea,

You were the fisherman who brought me up, so I could see

My life down there was dull…And now I realize

I’m meant for loving you…the light of my poor eyes..

You were the one I dreamt, you face I could not see

Every night I’d fall asleep, hoping that my dream you’ll be…

To dream I have no more, my lips are kissed by yours,

A world of love you’d give, another world it lures…”

He held her in his arms and kissed her gorgeus eyes

That now were sad…She thought of all those lies

She fed her parents with..she had to run away…

Her life would not have sense…It was the only way…

Appeared had once again the glimmer in her eyes

She has what she had want…the arms in which she lies…

So more than words can say, this boy she loves so muchShe feels she’d die for him, she feels his gentle touch…


“For us to be apart?! To happen I shall never let!

My heart belongs to you as long as I draw breath!”

“Your eyes, your lips, yourself is all I’ll ever want

To love you for all time, from God this I demand!”

The stars above had heard what they have said

This perfect love to die?! How could they ever let?

“The world beneath with pain and sorrow cries..

A time of happiness, then gray clouds will arise…”

They left the sky so sad and black

Before humans know they’re gone, they will be back

They left to see the one that world’s life gave

‘Cause only God this perfect love could save…

He listened to the pray of tears that froze

He knew true love is found as hardly as it goes..

“ A shame will be if love is left to die!

Too perfect for that world…This love belongs in sky!”

As on our world night turns to down

The boy and girl are dead…Their souls are gone…

A golden rose he picks…He gives it to his love…

His wish came true..together shall they be…

.. In skies above…..


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